Retrofits & Upgradation

Retrofits & Upgradation

Efficiency and modernization together

Over the years, your building HVAC and MEP system’s functional capacities warrant your attention for a quick repair or upgradation. Turnkey upgrades and retrofits help organisations give their facilities a much-needed facelift to function more smartly and optimise efficiency. Our experts evaluate whether a retrofit or replacement of your HVAC systems will provide a better ROI. As an integrated engineering solution provider, we undertake single-point accountability while providing complete retrofit support from conception, equipment selection to commissioning and maintenance.

Energy Optimisation

Energy Optimisation

With mounting concerns about climate change and rising costs, reducing energy consumption is more important than ever. We examine every aspect of a facility to implement energy conservation strategies that work in the long run. Innovatively engineering an energy-efficient system in the built environment has always been our focus. We offer extensive optimization services across all major sectors including district cooling plants, communities, and commercial buildings.

We undertake a detailed survey and arrive at an optimization plan to improve efficiency and Delta – T of the chilled water system of the building.

Energy Audit

Energy Audit

Periodic energy audits are necessary to ensure that your optimization plans are working. Energy audits are also regulatory requirements given the mandate for reducing carbon footprint. In addition to our energy optimization service, we also provide a separate service for Energy Audit where our qualified engineers analyse the energy flows and prepare a report on the current performance of systems and its assets. A successful energy audit is done by using innovative tools and an expert mindset that comprises all types of energy intensive assets to develop a plan to optimise the system. Typically, energy manager shall carry out audits of:

  1. Air conditioning system
  2. Lightning & electrical System
  3. Plumbing system
  4. Operation of the BMS & PLC
HVAC Upgradation

HVAC Upgradation

An upgrade is needed when the unit is aged or not performing as per the design parameters. Incrementally, if you would like to improve the efficiency of the equipment then it is done by retrofitting the equipment. HVAC costs are a primary component of the Opex cost of any building and hence a primary concern of building owners. We at Jord, with a comprehensive approach, are able to find the root cause, analyse data, provide upgradation measures, and carry out the upgrade with quality and demonstrable results. We carry out projects for esteemed organisations and have achieved comfort cooling as per their satisfaction.

We upgrade

  1. Cooling towers
  2. Chillers (Air & Water cooled)
  3. Air side equipments (FAHU AHU FCU)
  4. Pumps
  5. Electrical systems
  6. Instrumentation and automation systems
  7. BMS & PLC
MEP Upgradation

MEP Upgradation

MEP systems are a building’s central nervous system and it is paramount to keep them in mint condition for uninterrupted service. We have expertise in upgradation and retrofit projects for commercial and residential buildings. We can work with your facility managers to undertake an audit and provide solutions that can prolong the life of your assets at minimal costs.


Achieve better efficiency with a well-maintained HVAC system

Whether installed in your home or office, a well-maintained HVAC system is crucial for keeping the air-quality high and energy bills low. Integrated with dual heating and cooling functions, they improve the air circulation indoors keeping occupants comfortable year-round.

Troubled with increasing utility bills? Irregular temperatures indoors? Too many repairs?

It's time to upgrade your building systems