Achieve better efficiency with a well-maintained HVAC system

HVAC System

Whether installed in your home or office, a well-maintained HVAC system is crucial for keeping the air-quality high and energy bills low. Integrated with dual heating and cooling functions, they improve the air circulation indoors keeping occupants comfortable year-round.

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems responsible for providing heating and cooling to commercial/residential buildings. The system utilizes fresh air from outdoors to provide high indoor air quality. While air conditioners (AC) only cool the air, HVAC meet both heat/ cool functions with heat pumps, gas furnaces and ACs.

When you select a HVAC unit, you’ll need to know what maximizes its performance. Hence, we have put up a guide to help you understand the aspects that improve your HVAC unit’s energy-efficient functioning.

Sufficient airflow

Improved airflows have a tremendous effect on the way your HVAC unit consumes energy. Dirty filters obstruct airflow and force the unit to pump more air than necessary. To understand the relevance of improving airflow, you need to understand what happens when you don’t get the air filters cleaned or changed on a periodical basis:

  • Frequent breakdowns

    Poor airflow causes a lot of damage to your HVAC turning it into an inefficient unit over time. This is because your unit will be under immense strain, forcing itself to work harder and consume more energy than necessary. The compressor and other components bear the brunt leading to breakdowns that call for major repairs.

  • Decreased comfort

    When you constantly receive poor airflow from your HVAC system, you’re going to have inconsistent temperatures and compromised air indoors. Some rooms feel warmer or colder than others and with air barely flowing from the filters, residents feel uncomfortable.

No matter the type or model, it is advised to get your HVAC unit inspected periodically for identifying the issues and resolving them immediately.

Let’s discuss the significance of periodical HVAC maintenance and other frequently asked questions about servicing.

If your HVAC system displays signs of strain, it's time to call in an experienced technician to address airflow problems. From tune-ups to a thorough inspection of vents and thermostats, they have the precise knowledge for making adjustments or corrections to ensure its smooth functioning. Here are the promising benefits of timely maintenance:

  • Lower bills

    Regular servicing keep energy bills low saving you from unnecessary expenditures. This is because your HVAC system is running at maximum energy efficiency and a well-adjusted clean unit experiences fewer repairs than neglected ones.

  • Longer lifespan

    Properly cared for HVAC units' function appropriately with lesser hassles and its lifespan gets extended.

  • High air quality

    When accumulated debris and dirt accumulate on the vents, the air quality is compromised indoors. Hence when the unit is cleaned, better quality of air is reintroduced indoors.

  • Peace of mind

    Timely maintenance assures safe problem-free functioning and implies fewer headaches for property owners.

How often do HVAC systems require servicing?

We recommend you get your HVAC systems serviced bi-yearly. Inspections by a skilled technician may cost a bit, but will save you from unnecessary headaches, breakdowns, and costly repairs. Units aged below 5 years can be inspected annually. But older ones need a bi-annual service performed before the onset of summer and winter.

How often must air filters be cleaned?

Checking and changing your air filters must be done at least every three months. Clogged filters laden with dust restrict the airflow quality and contaminate the air. This will also put unnecessary strain on your furnace and consume more energy. A cleaning service or a new filter costs little, so it is prudent to get it done immediately.

What are the consequences of uninspected HVAC systems?

Untreated units stop functioning suddenly leaving the occupants in an uncomfortable atmosphere. Issues escalate and call for major overhaul repairs that are out of your budget and may warrant a total replacement. If you want to avoid fat bills, call the service technicians right away.

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