The new sustainable and environmentally friendly district cooling

District Cooling

As per IEA, 20% of annual electricity is used for cooling purposes worldwide and as the planet warms, this is projected to increase by at least 50% by 2030. With the 21st century heading towards a greener sustainable future, homes and commercial units have increasingly realized the need to adopt energy conserving technologies to mitigate effects on climate change. In this aspect, District Cooling (DC) has gained prominence as an energy-efficient viable cooling solution.

A DC system is a large-scale centralized air conditioning system based on the distribution of chilled water to buildings and facilities through a network of underground pipes at a district level. Chilled up to 4.4 °C through a PHE plate heat exchanger, the water is delivered through underground insulated pipelines to cool the indoor air of the buildings within a district. DC is a modern efficient way to air condition a network of buildings within the campus

In this article, we run you through the significant benefits of centralized DC systems.

Enhanced comfort

Operating in an effortless way, DC units work automatically at the preset temperature providing indoor comfort on a 24/7 basis. The desired airflow in different shops or offices can be adjusted individually since the system responds on demand. The lack of incessant noise and vibrations lets occupants experience ultimate comfort.

Smart cost-effective cooling

Relying heavily on a recyclable process using chilled water and storing it using Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technology, DC systems contribute to reduced energy costs. With simple equipment in use not requiring individual refrigerants, heat pumps or boilers, the operating and maintenance costs get drastically lowered for property owners.

Simultaneous use

The preeminent advantage of DC is its simultaneity feature that offers cooling for multiple buildings at the same time in an economical and cleaner way. This means that offices, apartments, and restaurants in conjoining buildings utilize the same cooling capacity throughout the day. By simultaneously aggregating the cooling needs of several units, DC offer the benefit of economies of scale.


Being an integrated energy infrastructure, DC systems avoid the construction of individual cooling units for several buildings. Hence, this reduces strain on the grid, conserving energy and water. This is one of the main reasons behind their wide adoption in UAE’s prominent skyscrapers to keep buildings cool during scorching summers. Reducing energy consumption for cooling by around 50%, DC units contribute to the region's efforts to lower carbon footprint and create a remedying impact on climate change.

Health benefits

DC systems purify and de-humidify chilled air thus reducing exposure to pollutants. Furthermore, the constant air circulation in DC systems allows an equal distribution of chilled air throughout the premise. This helps eliminate cold spots that spur bacteria growth usually experienced with conventional cooling systems.

Better aesthetics and acoustics

In terms of overall building appearance, DC save more space than traditional systems. Pipelines built underground offer architectural flexibility allowing space to be utilized for other purposes such as parking or office units. Silent and discrete in operation, DC systems don’t require installation of noisy outdoor condensers. In addition, their long-life span of 24 -30 years, compared to 13 - 15 years in conventional systems imply fewer replacements.

Undeniably, the DC technology demonstrates superiority in many ways. Increased resiliency, better energy savings, minimized emissions and reduced costs are strong reasons for campuses to switch to advanced cooling systems.

Jord Industries unwaveringly advocate the use of eco-friendly technologies

At Jord Industries, a renowned EPC solution provider in the UAE, we primarily focus on providing clients with innovative solutions in line with community guidelines. Having recognized the relevance of a greener economy, we propagate the adoption of user-friendly strategies for bettering the environment we live in.

At Jord Industries, we have provided DC solutions to several healthcare facilities, shopping complexes, commercial offices and major real-estate projects in the MENA region. We actively support the UAE Energy Strategy 2050 with engineering solutions to increase the contribution of clean energy by 50% and position Dubai as a smart sustainable city.

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